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Cartegory: Education
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Get to know the most important people of our history: Pensadores Venezolanos is an IPhone and Android application created to celebrate the creative, academic and intellectual thought in the country, with the porpose of making this knowledge grow in our society. There are many different categories such as Architects, Cientifics, Economists, Writers, Heroines, Musicians, Painters, Poets and National Heroes.
We hope that this application can be useful for homeworks and also as a place where you can find more about the histoy of brave and outstanding men, such as: Simón Bolivar, Francisco de Miranda, Alberto Adriani, Cecilio Acosta, Andrés Bello, Cipriano Castro, among others and brilliant and admirable womens: Lotty Ipinza, María Iholanda y Mirla Castellanos, Josefa Camejo, Juana Ramí­res among others.
You can leave us sugestions or recomendations to help us improve this application in our Facebook page. The Pensadores logo was made by Magdiel Rivero.